Antalya, that hosts millions of local and international tourists every year got a new Shopping Center, Antalya Migros Shopping Center, in 6th of June 2001. Having thisnew huge Shopping Center has increased shopping revenues and popularity of thecity and provided competition edge in world’s tourism market.

Residents of Antalya as well as the tourists take the advantage of The Antalya MigrosShopping Center that contains 130 stores with global and local brands such asBoyner, Zara, Mudo, Lc waikiki; various kinds of restaurants and fast food places andalso 5M Migros hypermarket. In Migros Shopping Center many cultural and socialactivities take place within its air-conditioned environment. In addition to tourists andresidents of Antalya, those who live nearby cities like Isparta, Burdur, Konya alsoenjoy the advantages, that Antalya Migros Shopping Center provides.Antalya Migros Shopping Center opens every day between 10:00 and 22:00 duringthe summer season closing time is extended to 23:00.

There is a car parking area in Antalya Migros Shopping Center with the capacity of1300 vehicles. There are 3 entrances to the shopping center,one of the entrancesis the main one, while others are the ground floor-entrance and the side entrance.12 Moving stairways and 2 panoramic elevators inside the Shopping Center havethe function of connecting the ground floor, entrance floor and the 1st floor. Migroshypermarket stands on the ground floor whereas cinema with 8 showrooms and fastfood restaurants are on the 1st floor. The restaurants and resting tables have the seaview of Mediterranean and Beydağı Mountains. 130 stores in total is spread out all ofthe floors of the Shopping Center in an organized manner.



Expert in shopping centers and multifunctionalcomplexes

Founded in October 2000 in Istanbul ECE Türkiye is an affiliate company of the German ECE, the European market leader in the field of shopping centers with approximately 200 centers under management and activities in 13 countries.

As an investor and full service provider, ECE Türkiye gathers all competences of the shopping center development, such as architectural design, conceptual planning, project management, leasing, center management, budgeting, finance, and legal services under one roof. At the same time, ECE Türkiye sees shopping centers as platforms and increases their attractiveness by adapting new branches and functions into these complexes other than shopping, such as co-working spaces, healthcare, culture, food and leisure areas or brand showrooms.

With its more than 55 years of experience in Europe and 20 years of experience in Turkey, ECE invests in the future of the retail industry with custom - made services, innovative concepts, a tailor-made branch and tenant mix, high level of professionalism and expertise, customer - focused strategy and a reputation of strong performance.